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The Lockheed L749A Constellations Trek Airways

Trek Airways operated two Lockheed L749A Constellations, leased from South African Airways.

Lockheed L749A-79-50 Constellation ZS-DBS c/n 2630
Lockheed L749A-79-50 Constellation ZS-DBU c/n 2632

Trek started using the L749A on 1 December 1961.

Trek Airways Postcard Lockheed L749A
Image: chai pk

Trek Airways Lockheed L749A Constellation at Entebbe Airport
Photograph: Daphne Posma-Seager

Daphne wrote on 6 January 2011

I found your website very interesting.  Our family knew Tom Meredith well, since my father was Trek's handling agent in Entebbe from 1957.  The aircraft often arrived on a Sunday (which infuriated my father since we then couldn't spend the day on our boat!) and we would all go to the airport while he met the plane and arranged transport for all passengers and crew to go to the Lake Victoria Hotel for an overnight stay.  He operated a travel agency, based in the hotel, and would then arrange the return trip to the airport the next day.
Kind regards,
Daphne Posma-Seager

Trek Airways Lockheed L749A Constellation at Entebbe Airport 1962
Photograph: Malcolm McCrow