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Luxavia Memorabilia

Luxavia and Flitestar desktop models
Top: Flitestar Airbus A320-211 custom made wooden model, registration is ZS-NZP.
Flitestar operated four, ZS-NZP “Polaris”, ZS-NZR “Rigel”, ZS-NZS “Sirius” and ZS-NZT “Taurus”.
Middle: Flitestar ATR-72-202 plastic model. Flitestar had two of the type, ZS-NDI and ZS-NDJ.
Bottom: Luxair Boeing 747SP Diecast model. Luxair had one SP in their fleet, LX-LGX.
Photograph: Paul Dubois

Luxavia Penant
Photgraph: Willi Nel

Luxavia Penant
Photgraph: Willi Nel

Image: Paul Dubois